• PRODUCT WEIGHT: 0.7 kg - 5.8 kg depending on size
  • TOP: BLACK rough side, where pet lies on
    - HEALTH: The porous material assists with eczema and relieves itchy skin.
       It keeps pets cool and prevents overheating, due to the breathability.
    - WELLNESS: Pets love this unique rough texture as it stimulates the skin, resulting in a healthy,    glossy coat (feels like rolling on grass/carpets).
    - MATERIAL: Porous knitted Polyethylene, UV stabilized - 100% recyclable
  • BASE: GREY Material
    - HEALTH: Eliminating cold & damp from surfaces, Fungal resistant
      It keeps pets cool and prevents overheating, due to the breathability.
    - WELLNESS: Well insulated, assisting to be warm & cozy
    - MATERIAL: Latest technology: Toughened waterproof, UV protected RIPTECH Polyester -   100% recyclable
  • FILLING: RESISTANT to pet odours, as being non-absorbent
    - HEALTH: Eases arthritis, aches & pain
      The soft fibre balls mould around sore ligaments, supporting the joints.
      The retention of the pets’ body heat reflects to any painful arthritic affected areas, improving    mobility after resting
    - WELLNESS: Provides a cozy & relaxing nesting feeling
    - FIBRE: Highest quality grade Primafill fibre, engineered to prolong its volume - 100% recyclable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Prevents flea breeding
  • Easy to mould and shape to fit on car seats, baskets, kennels etc.
  • We do not use any chemical repellents on our product
  • WE CARE: Separated components are 100% recyclable

PETZBED – Health Mattress was developed and launched in South Africa in 2004 by Eugene and Birgit who own and operate the business nearly 20 years on, with Austrian precision and South African flexibility.
The continued success of the PETZBED product is attributed to the original objective of creating a unique high-tech design which combines comfort, health benefits and physical wellness for your pet. This combination of multiple hygiene and practical benefits for your pet, incorporated in a contemporary exterior, resulted in the unique PETZBED design, which has stood the test of time.

With our dedicated factory in Cape Town, we assure outstanding quality and ongoing development.
All components of the innovative product are manufactured in South Africa to our specifications.
Our unique design elements are not only of the highest standard but are exceptionally immaculate and stylish.

Countless four-legged customers can guarantee their amazing attraction to the distinct “PETZBED FEEL” with hours of zZz’s as stamp of approval.
Along with animal health, practical benefits and superior pet comfort, customer service and providing employment opportunities to our local community are of highest importance to us!


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