• Shake often (from corner to corner) to circulate and aerate fibre ball filling. This is to create a puffier appearance and better comfort.
  • To remove hair: shake, use a brush or vacuum cleaner.
  • When needed: Wipe the top with a wet cloth and detergent, as some dogs have an oily skin and to clean off saliva. The grey base can be wiped, if soiled.

Washing instructions

  • The Primafill fibre filling is NON-ABSORBENT to pet odours – it does not need soaking.
    (Note: Smelly dog odour can rub off onto the product, it will not be absorbed into the filling)
    e.g. if the PETZBED is muddy:
    Place upside down (black side facing down) on washing line.
    Hose lightly at 45° angle against bed, to spray off any dirt.
    Foamy detergent can be used, if needed.
    Only light water pressure is necessary – refrain from spraying directly into the product.
    Should some water penetrate the PETZBED (by accidentally hosing too hard): Squeeze out excess water and place upside down on washing line to dry.
    For drying face grey waterproof base up - black porous top side down.
    If any foul liquid has penetrated the PETZBED as in the case of urinating, vomiting, bleeding:
    it needs to be rinsed out, by hosing into the product with a stronger water pressure, and then drained out.
    In this case a disinfecting detergent is recommended.
    The PETZBED can be soaked, but it is suggested to only submerge the affected area as the whole bed will take longer to dry.
    Important: Ensure that you squeeze ALL excess water out of the PETZBED and dry upside down.
    After drying, shake vigorously to puff up.
    Please note: It will take longer for it to dry if the product has been soaked.
    The spin cycle of the washing machine can be used.
    Do not tumble dry.

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