In 2004 Eugene van der Merwe, has developed a high quality product – focusing on the HEALTH BENEFITS for dogs and cats.
PETZBED – Health Mattress for Pets is uniquely designed and manufactured in Cape Town. Even after launching in August 2004, we are constantly upgrading our product.

PETZBED – Health Mattress is a step ahead of other pet mattresses on the market and still manages to remain substantially less expensive.

With the combination of special materials and fibers, we have managed to create a product, which always looks neat, clean, fresh, hygienic, is non-allergenic and bacteria free, while providing comfort for the pet.
Comfort and practical benefits are of highest importance to us!

There is nothing similar to PETZBED – Health Mattress in South Africa. All components of the product are manufactured to our specifications and are unique and of the highest standard.

PETZBED – Health Mattress is exceptionally strong and has various health benefits.
It is even utilised in Veterinary surgeries as a therapeutic instrument.
This amazing product eases arthritic pains and helps with skin problems, due to its breathability. The unique materials keep any pet warm in winter. By using knitted Polyethylene as a top layer, it also allows an air flow for them to stay cool in summer.

Due to the non absorbent fibre and materials, it will not attract pet odours - like sponge, wool or cotton. It does not support flea breeding, even without the use of chemical repellents. While protecting the home and car from smell, hair, claws and mud, it is easy to keep clean – just hose down (please view our Product care).

At least every second household in South Africa owns a dog or cat, which mostly is “part of the family”. They live and sleep indoors or outdoors and need their own comfortable bed.
PETZBED – Health Mattress fits into confined spaces – kennels, baskets and moulds easy to the shape of the back seat of a car. With its water-resistant base, it is ideal to place on any surface.

Most important: Proven by the great customer feedback during the last 11 years, dogs and cats have an amazing attraction to the PETZBED – Health Mattress, as it also stimulates their skin.

„Why does my dog not want to get off the PETZBED?” is not unusual to hear.


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