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You can buy a PETZBED nationwide at shows, exhibitions and shopping mall promotions.

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☛ The PETZBED sizes below, are of the covers.
     Keep in mind that the fibre filled product you will receive, is slightly reduced in size.
☛ Breed to Size recommendations are according to the average weight and height of dogs.
☛ N E W! TOUGHER! Now with RIP-STOP Material Base!

Sizes Prices
Quantity            Recommendations
150 x 120 cm R 1300,- Original base
  Bullmastiff, Dane, or for 2x Labradors
R 1685,- New toughened base
120 x 120 cm R 1045,- Original base
  German Shepherd, Boerboel, Rottweiler
R 1355,- New toughened base
105 x 105 cm R   830,- Original base
  Labrador, Basset Hound, Border Collie
R   1045,- New toughened base
90 x 90 cm R   625,- Original base
  Cocker Spaniel, Staffie, Bullterrier
R   755,- New toughened base
75 x 75 cm R   445,- Original base
  Dachshund, Maltese, Jack Russel
R   515,- New toughened base
60 x 60 cm R   300,- Original base
  Min Dobermann, Cat, Yorkshire Terrier
R   365,- New toughened base
Courier fee per Unit: between R 80,- & R 165,-
More than one Unit ordered: discounted courier rates apply

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